No official wants to touch the AP State Wakf Board even with a barge pole. This is clear from the way the officials are expressing their reluctance to head the Board known for its irregularities. Chief Executive Officer Abdul Hameed has reportedly urged the government to relieve him of this post.

The official is actually posted to the State Haj Committee as its Executive Officer last year. Nearly four months ago, he was given full additional charge of the Wakf Board CEO. Now with the Haj season commencing, Mr. Hameed expressed his desire to be relieved of the additional charge as there was lot of work to be done in the Haj Committee.

Following this request, the Minorities Welfare Department began scouting for suitable Muslim officers of the rank of senior deputy collector to take charge of the Wakf Board CEO post. As per the Wakf Board rules, only Muslim officers are supposed to head it. However, there are not many officers of this rank available and even among the eligible officials none are ready to oblige.

Senior officer M.A. Waheed is already heading the newly created Commissionerate of Minorities Welfare and the A.P. State Minorities Finance Corporation and can’t be saddled with additional responsibilities. Moreover, the officer is due to retire shortly. The next senior officer, S.A. Shukoor, director, Urdu Academy, is considered, but he too expressed his unwillingness to serve the Wakf Board. Prof. Shukoor is also the director of Centre for Educational Development of Minorities and heads the department of Urdu in Nizam College. According to sources, Prof. Shukoor expressed his inability to head the Wakf Board CEO position as it deals mainly with revenue matters while he is from the education department. He even dropped hints that he would be forced to resign from the Urdu Academy if posted to Wakf Board, it is said.

The main reason why officials are averse to serving the Wakf Board is the string of irregularities and lack of transparency here apart from the interference and pressure from the public and the elected representatives. No officer wants to get a bad name, it is said.

The reasons why officials are averse to serving the board are irregularities, lack of transparency, interference and pressure from public representatives