VUDA to give TDRs to genuine land losers

In a move to redress the long-standing grievances of the residents whose lands were affected by the Master Plan roads, VUDA will grant transferable development rights (TDR) in lieu of the land taken over by VUDA for laying the roads.

After a thorough study of the cases and looking into the sufferings of the genuine land losers, VUDA Vice-Chairman N. Yuvaraj has got the approval of the VUDA Board for the initiative.

Exclusive meet

The Vice-Chairman conducted an exclusive meeting with the land losers on Saturday to obtain their concurrence to the proposal. As per the records, 31 cases are fair to clear with grant of TDR. While explaining the merits of the TDR, the Vice-Chairman told the land losers that there is no scope for allotment of alternative site as per the prevailing guidelines.

Payment of compensation as per the Land Acquisition rules, grant of TDR or relaxation for setbacks are the other options, among which the TDR is the only beneficial solution.

Citing some cases of allotment of alternative sites to some land losers in recent times, the Vice-Chairman said all such cases are under scan, and enquiry by government as well as investigating agencies and all those would be cancelled in due course of time.

Further, the VUDA Board also approved grant of TDRs to the genuine land losers and accordingly all the 31 land losers found fit on verification once again would be given TDRs.

For those falling in GVMC limits, TDRs will be issued through single window in association with GVMC and outside the GVMC, VUDA will issue them, the Vice-Chairman said.

The land losers who attended the meeting expressed readiness to accept TDRs after listening to the explanation given by the Vice Chairman.

The VUDA Vice-Chairman directed the VUDA Estate Officer B. Bhavani Das to call for letters from the land losers and put up files for taking a decision.

The land losers thanked the Vice-Chairman for recognising their suffering and taking steps to solve the long-pending issue. VUDA Chief Urban Planner R.J. Vidyullatha,

GVMC Chief City Planner Balakrishna, and Administrative officer B. Nagabhushanam attended the meeting.

For those in GVMC limits, TDRs will be issued through single window in association with GVMC, and outside the GVMC, VUDA will issue them

N. Yuvaraj

VUDA Vice-Chairman

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