As part of Children's Day celebrations and to promote awareness on the importance of plants in protecting the environment, VUDA's central nursery at MVP Colony will be open to schoolchildren between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. from November 7 to 14.

In the nursery spread over 5.5 acres adjoining the Rythu Bazar, more than 50,000 ornamental, flower, fruit-bearing, avenue and indoor plants belonging to 50 species are grown. The students will learn about recycling of waste material, preparation of vermi compost, plant-rearing methods and protection, green house effects etc. at the nursery.

School managements may avail themselves of the opportunity and bring children to visit the nursery. VUDA Vice-Chairman B. Sreedhar said the visits would help the kids in protecting and promoting the eco-balance.

VUDA DFO B.V.A. Krishna Murthy has been making arrangements for the visits of schoolchildren to the central nursery. School managements intending to bring children for the visit may contact the DFO (98660 76914) or Media Advisor B. Prabhakara Reddy (98660 76932).

VUDA had received appreciation and recognition from the Organising Committee of the recent Commonwealth games and the Delhi Government for supplying 10 lakh plants for beautifying and greening the games' venues. The supply of the plants was done through the central nursery at MVP Colony.