The Guntur and Krishna district administrations have displayed voter lists pertaining to the MLC elections at revenue division offices, municipal commissioners’ offices and those of MROs to enable the people to know in which polling stations they could cast their votes.

Besides, special counters which will furnish required information to voters would be set up two days ahead of the election scheduled to be held on February 21.

Guntur and Vijayawada cities have 52 and 64 polling stations respectively, Guntur District Collector & Returning Officer S. Suresh Kumar told media persons here on Thursday.

Instead of the electronic voting machines, ballot papers are being used in the elections.

A ballot paper contains the names of 19 candidates and blank spaces against them for writing digits indicating first and second preference votes and so on in the chosen order.

For instance, a voter should write 1 in the allotted space for a particular candidate to whom he intends to give first preference. First preferences have to be compulsorily given as otherwise such votes would be rendered invalid.

Voters have to use only violet colour sketch pens provided by the polling officers.