Nakka Padma is a farmer in her late 30's belonging to Peddagundavalli village in Dubbak mandal of Medak district. She invested around Rs.40,000 on farming and generated revenue of Rs.1.2 lakh recently.

The past season's experience of unavailability of fertilizers for farmers forced her to think twice about the problem. As a result, now she has been supplying fertilizers to farmers through a shop that was established in her village through the village organisation (VO). The farmers are happy to purchase fertilizer locally instead of going to far off places.

Women groups

Collector S. Suresh Kumar, who witnessed the problems of farmers had initiated the idea of selling fertilizer through women groups.

Though selling of fertilizer was a bitter experience for VOs few years back, this time all precautions were put in place to arrest any problems.

New idea

During Kharif season, the farming community in Medak district faced serious fertilizer shortage and agitations were reported across the district. Repeated efforts by officials failed to convince them.

This forced the administration to come up with a new idea resulting in the establishment of fertilizer shops across the district that would be run by the VO.

Many shops

As many as 86 shops have been established in the district, on an average two for each mandal, and licenses were taken on the name of VOs.

A fund of Rs.50 lakh was allocated for this purpose with a view that VOs may not be in a position to invest the required amount to procure large quantities of fertilizer.


Around 700 tons of urea and DAP 20-20 was supplied to the VOs and almost 300 tons had already reached the farmers.

Officials are hoping that the business would pick up next week onwards as this was the time to feed the crop.

Farmers happy

“The farmers are happy to purchase fertilizers from our shop as it is located locally and there was not much transport expenditure. The cost of fertilizer at places like Siddipet and Dubbak is Rs.40 higher than the price offered by us,'' says Ms. Padma.

“As of now, we have not faced any problem in running these fertilizer selling centres. Even though fertilizers are being sold a little bit higher than the MRP, the farmers are being explained that only the cost transportation, wages of working women and Rs.5 profit included in the cost,'' said K. Mallesh, District Project Manager, Marketing.

  • 86 shops already started in Medak district
  • Rs. 50 lakh allocated to secure fertilizer