The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) officials have not collected food and water samples sold in the city to check for any possible adulteration for four months. The Food Inspectors (FIs) are supposed to collect at least two samples every month. This according to citizens was a gross neglect of the public health.

Going by the data available, the VMC's effort to keep a tab on food adulteration had not been up to the mark. The data available with the VMC shows that the 22 FIs collected only 78 samples of food during 2006-07, while in 2007-08 the number rose to 94. The FIs, however, collected four months ago a mere 14 samples from 32 sanitary divisions that too (now there are 44 divisions after reorganisation), covering the entire city. Reorganisation of the health wing also was not paying the dividends. The inaction assumes significance, as food and water contamination will be on the higher side in summer. The people tend to take chilled water, cool drinks and fruit juices to beat the heat. Collecting of samples was entrusted to six FIs to cover all the three circles in the city with not less than 800 samples collected a year. But now each FI was collecting not more than four samples a year.

Earlier, even the sanitary inspectors used to collect the samples, and AMOHs used to monitor, but the practice has been discontinued.