Staff Reporter

VIJAYAWADA: The Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC)’s efforts to “streamline” the management of stadiums in the city seem to be bearing the fruits, though with some exceptions like in the case of those who are still adamant on the issue of life membership. Officials say that the Corporation could so far collect more than Rs. 1 lakh towards admission fee and monthly fee from the members at Dandamudi Rajagopala Rao (DRR) Indoor Stadium this month, which is considered the highest compared to the last couple of years. The VMC sold 115 applications at DRR Indoor stadium to the prospective players. Of them, 55 people submitted filled-in applications with prescribed fee. The Corporation has decided to close the admissions once 100 people submit their forms, officials say.

The VMC has decided to put a cap on the admissions in view of the limited number of courts (four) available at the stadium. At the most, only 100 people could utilise the courts in a day, at the rate of four hours each in the morning and evening. And, interestingly, 35 people who claim to be life members also purchased the applications. However, only 14 persons submitted their membership forms. The remaining are said to be in a dilemma as others who claim to be life members are pressurising them to fight against the corporation’s move to cancel life memberships at the stadium.

The Corporation slashed the admission fee to life members, and decided to collect just Rs. 500 as against the new admission fee of Rs.2,000. However, monthly fee of Rs. 200 remains the same for all the members.