Prof. P. George Victor, Vice-Chancellor, Adikavi Nannaya University said that Swami Vivekananda brought Vedic concepts like ‘tatwamasi’, ‘sarva boota hite ratah’ and ‘daridra narayano harih’ -- which means ‘World peace’ and ‘God in every individual’ into public domain.

He attended as chief guest at the 150th Birth Anniversary Celebrations of Swami Vivekananda Utsav Committee, East Godavari on Sunday. He recalled that the great sage’s entrance was a historical necessity when the country was ruled by colonial government and when people lost their self confidence. He said that he appeared at the right moment when India was transforming. Appala Prasad, State General Secretary of Utsav Committee, said that Swami Vivekananda created self confidence among the public in the country and West have saluted the sage for his knowledge, intellectuality and particularly human angle. “Swamiji spoke with his heart. He cried for the downtrodden, under-privileged and poorest of the poor,” Mr. Prasad added. He quoted from a foreign writer that Vivekananda was an “Un-opened Gift”.

Swami Yogapriyananda of RK Mutt, Rajahmundry said that Sri Lanka, Malaysia governments have released postal stamps on Swami Vivekananda this year and in Chicago, where Swami addressed International Religious Conference on September 11, 1893, the Indian Study Center has established a Chair recently.