Protest against cement factory

The supporters of Victims Forum against JSW Cement Ltd. staged a protest at the Collectorate here on Saturday urging the government to take steps for protecting the rights of the households in the village.

Coordinator of the Forum K. Ramanjaneyulu said the JSW cement company which set up the plant at Bilakala Gudur and Bujanur, acquired the land from farmers by paying a compensation of Rs 1.30 lakh, Rs 2.25 lakh and Rs 2.75 lakh per acre while the amount was raised to a whopping Rs. 5 to 8 lakh for landlords. The company exploited the poor farmers by allowing the landlords to grab the lands of the poor and paying a higher compensation later.

He said mining was allowed as close as two kilometres from the village which was causing a great deal of pollution in the two villages. The blasting caused damage to houses and other structures.

Also, the Forum demanded compensation on a regular basis for gram panchayat, which should be distributed among the farmers. Mr. Ramanjaneyulu said the productivity had come down since the establishment of the factory.

The jobs were not given to local people as promised at the time of setting up of the factory.

The body urged the government to protect the right to way and preserve temples located in the mining zone. The lands given to the poor families were also taken away.

Also, a request was made for open land for cattle and sheep grazing. A mining area of 50 acres was sought for rock bricks for the local people.

Various political parties also supported the stir.