The villagers of Fatehpur in Station Ghanpur mandal and Forest Department officials rescued a wild bear that accidentally fell into an agricultural well here on Wednesday.

According to village sarpanch Mr. Ramlal, the bear inhabiting the surrounding hillocks strayed into the fields at midnight and accidentally slipped into the unguarded agricultural well on Monday night.

The farmer, Bhukya Bhola, who went to his fields on Tuesday morning and heard the growling of the bear, informed the local police.

A team of Forest Department officials and villagers hoisted down a cage and tried to rescue the bear. The attempts which began on Tuesday afternoon finally bore fruit on Wednesday. Such incidents of bears straying into the fields earlier took place in Ippagudem village and farmers of Thatikonda, Namilikonda and Meedhikonda villages surrounded by hillocks were common habitations of wild bears.