The Raj Bhasha Day (Hindi Day) celebrations at the Vijayawada Railway Divisional headquarters touched a new high with Divisional Railway Manager Anurag announcing its achievement in implementation, which was much beyond the targets given to it.

Complimenting its staff and officers in cooperating and taking interest in giving replies in Hindi to several enquiries from people living in north India and regularly organising some programme or other to bring the language closer to the staff members and people, Mr. Anurag said that basic correspondence in all three levels of letters was 80 per cent to 63.4 per cent against a target of 55 per cent.

For making notes/analysis the achievement was 47.7 per cent against 30 per cent target and cent percent was achieved in displaying Hindi sign boards, giving replies in Hindi to letters received in Hindi, giving titles in registers in Hindi, services records in Hindi and taking dictation in Hindi could be achieved upto 50 per cent, the DRM added.

Precious libraries

Some of the proud possessions of the division are 12 libraries with 20,711 books in Hindi, giving Reservation Charts in Hindi also, making announcement on all stations in Hindi also along with Telugu and English.

Detailing the achievements of the Hindi Implementation Section, the DRM in the presence of Additional DRM S. Subba Rao and other officers, said that Hindi Officer S. Chiranjeevi and the staff as a whole had cooperated and participated enthusiastically in seven technical seminars. Hindi News dailies from Chennai and locally keep taking inputs about the railway division from the Hindi Section, he added.

Special Individual cash awards were given to one officer and three staff members by General Manager South Central Railway in Secunderabad recently for their efforts in using Hindi.