Staff Reporter

HYDERABAD: Video footage recorded by the secret cameras at Kachiguda railway station gave the investigators crucial clues about the persons responsible for the theft of Rs. 21 lakh from the ticket booking counter.

Special teams

After analysing the visuals, police surmised that a gang stealing jewellery, cash from people by diverting attention was behind the theft of Rs. 21 lakh committed on Monday.

Special teams were sent to Ramjinagar of Tamil Nadu, from where most of the attention diversion gangs hail, to ascertain if any of the suspects seen in the video belonged to that place.

The investigators believe members of the gang studied movements of the railway employees carrying out cash operations at the counter.

One of them entered the counter posing as employee and took away the suitcase containing the cash.

He passed on the suitcase to his accomplices moving on the station premises and all of them dispersed within minutes.