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Bring down church's walls, break doors and windows

They instal idol of Anjaneya Swamy at the altar of the church

Representatives of Christian organisations warn Vishwa Hindu Parishad

Anantapur: Activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) attacked a church, which is under construction, in Tadipatri on Sunday, brought down its walls, broke doors and windows, resulting in partial collapse of its main structure, and installed an idol of Anjaneya Swamy at the altar of the church.

This act of the VHP activists sent shockwaves among the Christian community.

The VHP activists alleged that the church was being constructed in a ‘Hindu majority' area with a view to convert people.

VHP district president Radhakrishna and his followers allegedly spearheaded the attack and among those who participated in the attack were VHP State executive member Gangadhar and Jayaramireddy.

Police arrested the VHP leaders and also removed the idol installed at the altar of the church.

A police picket was posted to prevent retaliation by the Christian community. Meanwhile, enraged Christian youths and representatives of Christian organisations in the city warned the VHP and its allied organisations not to take the peaceful Christian community for granted and push it too far.

All India Christian Council district leader Ravi Kumar condemned the VHP's action and demanded compensation from it for its act of hooliganism.