Heat wave in Karimnagar district affects vegetable yield

With the soaring temperature and depletion of ground water table, the yield of vegetable crops had declined considerably forcing steep increase in prices and burdening the common man.

The vegetable prices in the Karimnagar main vegetable market near Tower circle and other markets, including the Rythu Bazaars, at Gandhi road, Kashmirgadda, have sky-rocketed due to decline in the arrival. Due to the heat, only few varieties of vegetables are available in the market. The price of tomato reached Rs. 40 to Rs. 50 per kg on Wednesday. Four days ago, it was priced at Rs. 25 per kg. Similarly, green chillies crossed Rs. 60 per kg mark on Wednesday. The ridge-gourd (beerakaya) reached Rs. 60 per kg. Vegetables such as brinjal, ladies finger, beans touched Rs. 30 per kg while carrot is priced at Rs. 50 per kg. Some vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, etc have become rarer and even if available they are costing Rs. 50 per kg. Same is the case with the leafy vegetables. Spinach which was available at Rs. 20 per kg is now costing Rs. 40 per kg. Coriander price has crossed Rs. 100 per kg. The blazing heat wave had affected the farmers cultivating leafy vegetables with the decline in the production.

Usually, onions become cheaper during the summer season with the arrival of fresh stocks. However, they are also being sold at not less than Rs. 15 per kg against last year price of Rs. 7 per kg. Traditionally, Karimnagar district is known for cultivation of vegetables on a massive scale. Ironically, the district administration failed to chalk out action plan during the rabi season to take up vegetable cultivation on a massive scale by motivating the farmers by providing the necessary seed and other concessions etc, said a wholesale vendor.