V.V. Subrahmanyam

HCA top brass perform Laxmi Ganapathi homam to neutralise the effect!

13-member team of purohits perform the homam

Vaastu experts blame location of swimming pool

HYDERABAD: Invoking God for a change in fortunes! Well, for the regulars at the Rajiv Gandhi Stadium (Uppal) where Hyderabad is taking on champions Mumbai in the Ranji Trophy match, the sight of a 13-member strong team of purohits was too discernible to be ignored.

Reason? The top brass of HCA swung into action to perform first Laxmi Ganapathi homam near the square-leg umpire spot at the far end of the pavilion a day before the four-day match began. They pitched a big tent and performed pooja with all religious fervour. They were told that the majestic venue has ‘vaastu dosham’ and some poojas had to be performed to neutralise that. Quickly summoning the purohits from the nearby famous temples including some from Nalgonda, the HCA bosses clearly felt it was time to seek ‘divine intervention’ to change the script which had been becoming increasingly painful as the Deccan Chargers lost all seven IPL matches and the two it played in the Champions League. Then, the Hyderabad Ranji team is yet to finding the ‘lead-taking’ touch if not the winning touch this season (interestingly even the one match it played at Gymkhana Grounds it conceded the lead). Even the dressing rooms for the Ranji squad are changed constantly, but with little luck. It was no different for the Indian team too which lost the three ODIs it played at this venue – two to Australia one, of them despite Sachin Tendulkar’s classic innings last month, and the one against South Africa in between. Well, the fact that HCA officials are in no mood to even proudly recall that Hyderabad recorded its only victory against champions Mumbai in Ranji Trophy at this same venue, is perhaps indicative of the intense desire to look to God for better things to happen at the venue – ostensibly for the home team. Officially it is revealed that the three-day pooja programme which ended today also included similar rituals performed around the stadium at selected places including the Club House. The vaastu experts repeatedly point that the blame lies with the location of the swimming pool – to the left of the main entrance of the stadium!