Students also indulging in triple riding at high speed

The craze of going to school on motorcycles by high school students is gaining popularity and simultaneously causing several traffic problems in Karimnagar town. The parents’ pride of providing a two-wheeler to their young ones is also proving costly with increase in number of accidents in various parts of Karimnagar town in the recent past.

Though Road Transport authority norms clearly states that a person should have crossed the age of 16 years to secure a driving licence to drive a two-wheeler, that too of 55 cc capacity, majority of schoolchildren from popular private schools in Karimnagar have been using motorcycles as a mode of transport from their homes to schools, violating all RTA and traffic rules.

The school students violate the traffic norms and ride the vehicles at high speed with overloading capacity, which results in several accidents.

There have been instances of students going on a triple-ride with their friends at high speed and caused commotion to pedestrians and other road-users.

A government school headmaster said that the parents should be held responsible for allowing their minor children to ride a vehicle violating all norms and added that private schools should not allow students coming on motorcycles.

Students coming on motorcycles was also creating differences among their student community and creating a wide gap between the rich and poor, the headmaster added.

Paramita Educational Institutions chairman, E. Prasada Rao, said that institutions should empower their parents and students about the ill-effects of driving motorcycles at a tender age. Expressing concern over the menace of schoolchildren driving motorcycles, he said that schools should not allow students who come on motorcycles. He stressed the need to launch a massive campaign in the town against riding of motorcycles by high school students.

Karimnagar Traffic Inspector Rangaiah said that, “We can only impose fines on students riding vehicles without licences. It is for the parents and educational institutions to discourage the use of two-wheelers by the student community.”

He said that there have been several instances of students sustaining injuries following accidents due to rash driving of vehicles in the town.