The Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) candidates, who have won from Sircilla, Korutla and Huzurabad Assembly segments, could have further secured more majorities had they gone for Electronic Voting Machines instead of ballot papers during the byelections.

Huzurabad TRS candidate Etala Rajender had won by a securing a whopping 79,227 votes against his nearest TDP rival M. Damodar Reddy. Sircilla candidate K. Taraka Rama Rao secured 67,997 votes lead against Congress candidate K.K. Mahender Reddy and in Korutla, K. Vidyasagar Rao secured a majority of 56,525 votes lead against the Congress candidate and former Minister J. Ratnakara Rao.

The TRS, which fielded independents in protest against EVMs and to go in for ballot papers in the byelections, suffered a lot with several unknown independent candidates securing votes and a majority becoming invalid due to illiteracy of rural voters. In all the three Assembly segments, a total of 56,925 votes went in favour of independents and another 12,059 votes were rejected.

In Huzurabad Assembly segment, the independents secured 18,740 votes and the rejected votes were 5,017 votes. In Korutla Assembly segment, the independents secured 16,188 votes and the invalid votes were 2,898 votes and similarly in Sircilla segment, the independents polled 21,997 votes and the rejected votes were 4,144 votes. If the TRS had gone in for EVMs, there would not have been invalid votes and the independents' votes would have gone in their favour and would have increased their majority.

If there were no independents and EVMs used, Mr. Rajender could have crossed one lakh majority and set a milestone in the elections.

Votes got split by several independent candidates fielded by TRS to prevent use of EVMs