Special Correspondent

HYDERABAD: The Upper Sileru hydro-electric project, which control room was blasted by Maoists 10 days ago, resumed generation on Tuesday. This followed the efforts on a war-footing by engineers of the AP Generation Corporation and BHEL.

Pending posting of an armed platoon as a permanent arrangement as proposed by the APGenco, security has been provided by the local police for the time being.

To start with, the 4th unit of the 240-MW capacity hydel station was synchronised after restoration of the control/relay panels and switchboards.

According to APGenco MD Ajay Jain, the unit is run at its full capacity, 60 MW. An output of 1.4 million units is being obtained from the unit. The third unit (60 MW) will be resumed in two or three days and the first and second units, which installed capacity is also 60 MW each, in two weeks. Through optimum operation "we will try to make up for the generation loss due to the blast."