Party leader Muralidhar to undertake 3-day hunger strike

BJP National secretary Muralidhar criticised the UPA government for neglecting the handloom industry and weavers' problems in the country.

Speaking to press persons here on Monday, the BJP leader said that over 11 crore persons depend on handloom weaving in the country and due to the negligent attitude of the government many weavers were forced to commit suicide.

He said that handloom occupies second position after agriculture in the country. Demanding that the government solve problems, he will undertake hunger strike for three days on December 14, 15 and 16 at Hyderabad and BJP president Nithin Gatkari will visit the strike camp on 16th, the concluding day, he said.

Dwindling numbers

Mr. Muralidhar also said that there were 42 weavers associations working in the district till recently, but due to anti-weaver policies of the government at present, only one association is working in the district and there are only 1,000 looms working in the district against over 10,000 looms in the past.

The BJP leader, along with State Handloom Weavers Association president Dhananjaya visited Kotakadira, Atmakur, Narayanpet towns in the district and interacted with the handloom weavers.