A unique tree plantation programme was held at Government Degree (Men) & P.G. College, at Wanaparthy town in the district, on Wednesday.

A total of 12 tree species and an equal number of individual plants of each species were planted by the students at 12 noon 12 minutes and 12 seconds (12:12:12 p.m.) in the college campus.

Thus, the programme was christened ‘12-12-12 plantation programme’. The organiser of the programme, Dr. B. Sadasivaiah, lecturer in Botany and garden-in-charge of the College, said that over 200 students actively participated in the plantation and they also took a pledge to take care of the plants.

This kind of awareness and interest among the students will help in protecting the local plant biodiversity, said Mr. Sadasvaiah. The species include Pongamia pinnata, Azadirachta indica, Ficus religiosa, Ficus racemosa and Syzygium cumini. They are not only commonly available but also medicinally important, he said.

The programme was inaugurated by Dr. P. Pulla Reddy, Principal of the college and P.V. Rama Krishna, Forest Range Officer, Wanaparthy.

On the occasion, P.V. Rama Krishna said that the Forest Department would help by providing not only tree saplings but also staff if such programmes were undertaken by students.

He said that the Forest Department, in association with the Botany department, had come forward to establish an arboretum in which all locally available plant species would be grown. At the closing ceremony, the forest officials felicitated the organiser, Dr. B. Sadasivaiah.