Unlike other parties, the coastal and Telangana struggle committees in BJP share a common ground that Telangana needs a separate State. This unique character stems from the party line favouring Statehood for the region.

On Saturday, both panels addressed press conferences separately at the party office here spelling out their stand on the announcement about Telangana State without deviating from their respective approaches.

The coastal committee headed by Y. Raghunadha Babu said the panel agreed for division of the State in principle but the government must come up with details on how it proposed to go ahead with the plan. He added that the members were happy that the Congress towed the line of BJP but its intentions were suspect. The timing of the decision raised serious doubts because the process of formation of the new State might spill over into election year which will stall all efforts. The decision could have been advanced for smooth division of the State.

Mr. Babu said 10 years was too long a period for retention of Hyderabad as the common capital of the two States. The government must immediately announce the capital for Andhra to assuage the feelings of its people.

Later, the chairman of Telangana struggle committee T. Rajeswara Rao said a lot of ambiguity was left in the Centre’s announcement as questions of administration and capital for Andhra were not answered.

He took exception to TRS president K. Chandrasekhar Rao’s statement said it amounted to giving a weapon to Congress to delay the process of creating Telangana State.