In a novel dance programme, a performance is planned on 108 steps of Simhachalam hill leading to the famous temple.

Students of dance will display 108 “Nruttakaranams” on the steps on Wednesday at 12.12 p.m.

“Karanams” are described by sage Bharata in his famous “Natya Sastra,” the revered ancient text on dance. “Karanams” are movement of legs, hands and body position and movements of dance.

The “Karanams” are depicted in the sculptures of Nataraja temple at Chidambaram and Sarangapani temple at Kumbakonam, both in Tamil Nadu. “Karanam” derived from Sanskrit means “to do.”

According to B. Vijayajyothi of Nirmala Nrutya Niketan organising the programme, the famous Kondapalli bomma (toy) in dancing posture is modelled on one of the slokas on “karanams.”

She describes the performance of the 108 “karanams” as an effort to introduce the classical dance enunciated in the revered ancient dance text to the younger generation. The 108 students performing include students of dance who have won several awards as well as those donning the grease paint for the first time.

The programme is planned to mark the 30{+t}{+h}anniversary of the Nrutya Niketan. It is titled “Narasimha Sopanalapai Nruttakarana Nirajanam,” (an offering in dance on the sacred steps of Lord Narasimha, the presiding deity of Simhachalam).