Indian Railways, many say, is behaving in a strange manner when it comes to ticket charges. A latest instance shows that the railways believes that the more the distance, the less the fare.

On Monday, a passenger booked II class sleeper ticket to Hyderabad Deccan from Visakhapatnam by Godavari Express. The fare for 710 km. is Rs.299. For the return journey, the same passenger booked the ticket by the same train from Secunderabad to Visakhapatnam. The fare collected for a distance of 701 km. is Rs.309, which means that Rs.10 is charged extra by the railways for travelling nine km. less! Can any railway official explain the logic behind this?

The Sitampeta link

The latest and major reshuffle of IAS officers brings a new CMD for Eastern Power Distribution Company and also a new incumbent as the Vice-Chairman of VUDA. N. Gulzar and V.N. Vishnu are the two IAS officers that are posted to the two positions respectively. Sanjay Kumar took over as new Collector more than two months.

The three officers have a Srikakulam and more specifically a Sitampeta ITDA connection. All of them had served as project officers of the ITDA. Mr. Vishnu who was District Collector of Srikakulam and was Joint Secretary in the Energy Department for a very brief period before being posted here. Perhaps Srikakulam and Sitampeta will bring synergy into their functioning in the district.

Who’s to blame?

Juvenile delinquency is on the rise in the city. Who’s to blame for the alarming trend? Parents themselves, says Police Commissioner N. Sambasiva Rao.

Grownup girls and young women are wearing figure hugging tights and clothes throwing dress code to winds. Parents do not seem to bother about it. Ironically, many parents are encouraging their daughters to simply ape the western culture.

The incidence of college girls accompanying their boyfriends to the theatres and parks is on the rise. When a traffic policeman quizzed a girl, who was going on her boyfriend’s bike, she simply dialled her dad.

Her father shot back at the poor cop: So what’s wrong? It’s for parents to decide who’s spoiling their children.

A different prayer

Builders in Visakhapatnam are so upset that they have decided this as their morning prayer: “O God, give us strength and capacity to pay steel price increase, income tax, VAT, CST, service tax, excise duty, octroi, TDS, road tax, property tax etc…” Also part of their prayer is: …besides don’t forget gunda hafta, bribes and donations. If we have some time and money left after that, we will do some business!”

(Prabhakkar Sharma, G.V. Prasada Sarma,

B. Madhu Gopal and Santosh Patnaik)