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People still sceptical and gripped by a nagging sense of insecurity

Students to organise ‘Telangana dhoom dham’: TS-JAC

Hotels trying hard to keep the celebrations a low-key affair

HYDERABAD: Uncertainty looms over the new year celebrations in the State Capital, thanks to the ongoing political turmoil.

Though the Telangana Students Joint Action Committee (TS-JAC) has backtracked on its earlier appeal to the public to stay away from the new year celebrations, people are still sceptical and are gripped by a nagging sense of insecurity to visit public places to ring in the new year.

The TS-JAC has announced that the students would stay awake throughout the night and organise a ‘Telangana dhoom dham’ programme on new year’s eve, while many event organisers are in doubt as far as the celebrations elsewhere are concerned.

Last-minute changes

“Events which featured prominent actresses have landed in a soup with most celebrities backing out at the last moment.

Many organisers were confident that the new year events would be better than the previous year.

But the present political climate has put everyone in doubt,” says an event organiser who pleaded anonymity.

As new political events unfold each day, event organisers and hotel managements are trying hard to keep the celebrations a low-key affair.

“So far the response and bookings for December 31 night have been good. We have our regular guests who celebrate new year with us every year and this time, the festivities will remain a low-key affair due to agitations,” says Joydeep Mazumdar, Manager (Food and Beverage), Hotel Green Park.

However, with the city police warning pro-Telangana protesters not to disrupt new year celebrations and organisers claiming to have made elaborate security arrangements, most of the events in the city are likely to be held.


“As of now, we are going ahead with our event. Compared to last year, the response is definitely not good but we have already sold over 300 tickets. One has to understand that in events such as these, there are a lot of last minute walk-ins. Though most of the people have cancelled their programmes, we are not cancelling our event,” said Sanjay Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer at the HITEX centre.