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Feels statehood is possible in three years Expelled BJP leader feels statehood is possible in three years

Cites examples of three recently-formed StatesSays she will emerge victorious in the row with BJP

WARANGAL: If political leaders launched a united fight, separate Telangana could be achieved in no time, said the expelled BJP leader Uma Bharti.

Addressing a meeting organised by the Telangana Kranthi Sena floated by another expelled BJP leader N. Venugopal Reddy here on Saturday, Ms Bharti wondered why Telangana was not formed even after five decades of struggle.

'Like Lord Shiva'

"Telangana people are like Lord Shiva who doled out whatever his devotees asked for and lived in a burial ground. But, now time has come to open your third eye like the Lord and chase away those who failed to deliver the promises," she said.

If the people wished so, separate Telangana would become a reality in three years, Ms Bharti said. The meeting was attended by TRS leaders including Hanamkonda MLA, Mandadi Satyanarayana Reddy.

The former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh pointed out that there was neither bloodshed nor opposition to the formation of three new States - Uttaranchal, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. "The people of Andhra region should not feel discriminated. It should be done in a smooth manner," she pointed out.

Ms. Bharati added that Mr Venugopal Reddy would undertake a padayatra in 10 districts. Referring to the suicides by the farmers and weavers in the region, she said the Congress leaders should feel ashamed to hold plenary in Andhra Pradesh without delivering the promises.

"I want to ask Sonia Gandhi why she failed to mitigate the problems of poor with the same speed with which she helped defreeze Ottovio Quattrocchi's bank accounts in England".

Ms. Bharti refused to answer questions on her expulsion and those relating to BJP and its new leadership. "I will emerge as a victor in the end. This is all I can say," she asserted.