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GUNTUR: Ultrasound is the science of sound, which has frequency above 20 kHz and finds good number of applications now. A researcher of TJPS College here in Guntur has shown how the new testing methods with ultrasound on organic material could hasten the purification process. College lecturer S.V. Ranga Nayakulu has been awarded a doctorate for a thesis on this subject by Osmania University.


It has profound applications for purification of sewage water, accelerating chemical reactions, removing the minute particles in engines, jewelleries, as pain reliever in physiotherapy, to remove the stones in kidney, design for robots to identify the obstacles etc.

In view of these applications, Ultrasonic Investigation Studies were carried out on Organic compounds of o–Cresol, p-Cresol and m–Cresol in Ethyl acetate and Methyl acetate solvents.

PEO technique

Cresols are much useful as intermediate chemical compound in manufacturings of polymers, explosive items and leather industries.

Ultrasonic Pulse Echo Overlap (PEO) technique reaction studies take lesser time compared to the conventional reactions.

The researcher says that this application of the data from the technique would be useful for beverage industries, chemical engineers, Physicists and Researchers.

This rationalized data was useful in ink and printing industries. This work was reported for the first time in India, he claimed.