The usually conservative ‘ulemas' are veering round to be of the view that computer and Internet are after all indispensable. Their coming to terms with the electronic media is, however, not a sanction of all that is seen and heard over it.

A section of ‘ulemas' feel the reach and potential of the modern media should be utilised to send the message across. Particularly they want to dispel the misgivings surrounding Islam and Muslims through the global network that connects millions of computers.

Why the web site technology? Religious scholars feel the traditional media lacks the instant connect which the electronic media provides. Particularly there is nothing like Internet to reach the generation next.

While there is a knowledge explosion, the information about Islam is still clichéd and within the fenced boundary of traditional ‘madrasas'. The need of the hour is to make it more accessible.

Like minded ‘ulemas' and community intellectuals have come together to launch an online course to give a correct perspective on Islam. A trust is formed in the name of Centre for Islamic education – distance mode. “People look at Islam like any other religion. But there is a world of difference,” says Shahid Ali Abbasi, Professor, Department of Islamic Studies, Osmania University.

It is planned to reach out to not only friends but even foes through the online course. However, ‘ulemas' feel the technology should be used cautiously to convey the substance and essence of Islam.

Prophetic traditions

Moulana Khalid Saifullah Rahmani, well-known Islamic scholar, is a strong votary of Internet. Employing modern media to convey the Islamic message is actually in line with the Prophetic traditions, he says.

Launch online course to give a correct perspective on Islam