The urban health facilities in GVMC are set to receive a big fillip following the proposals made in National Urban Health Mission.

The city now has 11 urban dispensaries, two referral units, five urban health centres run by NGOs, an ayurvedic dispensary and four urban family welfare centres working under KGH.

The urban mission stipulates a primary centre for every 50,000 people and referral units for every 2.5 lakh.

Considering the population of Bheemunipatnam and Anakapalle and the villages that have been merged with GVMC recently the population comes to around 19 lakh.

“Accordingly we have proposed 38 dispensaries and eight referral units and sent the proposals to the State Government,” said Municipal Commissioner M. V. Satyanarayana on Tuesday.

The facilities are mainly to cover the slum population that comes to about 42 per cent of the total population.

The referral units will have three gynaecologists, one medical officer, two paediatricians, two anaesthetists and an x-ray lab.

The new units will replace the old ones. However, infrastructure is not in place for the new medical units. The units will be located in existing buildings for now. GVMC is expecting a total of Rs. 36 crore towards recurring expenditure to run the units.