In a gruesome incident, two persons were chased and hacked to death at Salkapuram near here on Thursday. The deceased identified as Venkatramudu and his son Ramanjaneyulu were on their way to Kurnool to appear before the court in a murder case.

The deceased had figured as an accused in several murder cases. According to reports, a 20-member gang threw a crude bomb at the autorickshaw in which they were travelling and immobilised the vehicle. Venkatramudu fell off the vehicle after the bomb attack when the assailants smashed his head with a boulder.

Then, the miscreants chased Ramanjaneyulu who tried to flee and attacked him with hunting sickles. They severed his head and slit open the thorax. Both died on the spot.

According to reports, one of the deceased figured as an accused in Kappatralla Venkatappa Naidu murder case, Kunnur triple murder case while both were accused of murdering their cousins last year over sharing of pigs.

According to information, the murder was carried out to avenge the death of Linganna and Mareppa last year, who were related to the deceased.