Duo duped people with false assurances of investing in joint business ventures

Two members of a Nigerian gang duping people with false assurances of investing money in joint business ventures and disappearing with partners' money were caught by the police on Monday.

While the accused, Tazan Ogba Efe, 36, came to India on the pretext of getting medical treatment his associate, Frederick Etebefia, 40, flew into India on business visa, the Commissioner's Task Force DCP, Ch. Ramchander, said at a press conference. While residing at Mumbai, Efe came in contact with Etebefia and told the latter about his ploy of luring people with fake proposals of business ventures and fleeing with the money of Indian investors.

The duo joined hands with other Nigerians residing in Mumbai and began sending emails at random to thousands of persons. The email would state that they were interested in investing up to 10 millions of American dollars if anyone was interested in joint business ventures.

If anyone contacted them, members of the gang would meet the ‘prospective business partners' personally. They would convince the ‘targets' that they would not carry original American dollars from safety point of view.

The accused would further maintain that they change original American currency notes into dark papers using some chemicals and keep with them. “By using special chemicals, we change the dark papers back to original American dollars and pay you,” the accused would tell the gullible investors.

In this manner, members of the gang — Denis Joy and Alfred Kainyame — cheated a Hyderabadi businessman to the tune of Rs. 20 lakh. When he contacted the gang with a new email id, the gang responded swiftly.

This time, they sent Efe and Etebefia who were caught by the TF (North) team led by Inspector, Ch.Y. Srinivas Kumar.

  • The accused join hands with other Nigerians and send emails to thousands of persons

  • If anyone contacted them, they would meet the ‘prospective business partners' personally