A Chinese woman, who allegedly tried to fly to America faking a marriage with a Singapore national, was caught along with the latter at Delhi international airport on Saturday.

As the woman Cao Xiaowei and the Singapore national, Chua Yee Seng, boarded the Chicago-bound flight at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Shamshabad they were sent back to the airport for further investigation. The two foreigners were handed over to the RGIA police of Cyberabad.

Ms. Xiaowei was unmarried and wanted to settle in United States of America by hook or crook, the police said. Through her acquaintances, she obtained a fictitious passport claiming herself as Singapore national. “She faked a marriage with Seng, who is actually a broker. He had collected money from her to help her reach America,” the police said.

She paid 2,000 US dollars to Seng to secure the fake passport and other documents and help her land in US, the police said. The duo flew to Chennai. From there they came to Hyderabad and boarded the Chicago-bound flight.

The Immigration authorities at the Delhi airport found the travel documents, she was carrying were not genuine and arrested her along with Seng. Both of them were sent to Hyderabad for further action.