Two pseudo Naxalites, who tried to cheat a gold merchant, were arrested by the Kasimkota police on Thursday.

Lakkoju Adinarayana, the gold merchant of Bangarayyapeta village in Kasimkota mandal, used to visit the shandies at Tallapalem and Makavarapalem on Mondays and Tuesdays for his business purpose.

At 4.15 a.m. on July 6, an unidentified miscreant called Mr. Adinarayana on his landline and introduced himself as ‘anna' (Maoist). He told Mr. Adinarayana that there was a packet on his terrace and directed him to see it.

Mr. Adinarayana found a cover containing a CPI-ML red-coloured flag, a red towel, a cell phone and a chart on which the miscreant wrote with blood in Telugu: “Memu annalamu, memu cheppinatlu vinakapote, mee pranalu potayi” (we are Naxalites, if you don't follow our instructions you will pay with your life).

The miscreant again called Mr. Adinarayana and asked him to bring Rs.1 crore and meet him at Sree Kanya junction in Narsipatnam at 9 a.m. on Wednesday. The gold merchant summoned courage and met Kasimkota SI Korada Rama Rao and told him of the problem.

The SI contacted Superintendent of Police Vinit Brijlal and, on the latter's instructions, visited Mr. Adinarayna's house and took possession of the material sent by the accused.

Stolen mobile

He found out that the mobile phone belonged to Borle Sekhar Babu of Srikakulam, who had lost his phone. Luckily, the accused had also used his personal SIM with the stolen mobile.

Based on the SMS and IMEI number of the mobile, Mr. Rama Rao finally traced the actual number used by the miscreant. The accused called Mr. Adinarayana to find out why he had not responded to his demand. The police traced the location from the cell tower from which he was receiving the signal.

The accused G. Pothuraju and A. Ramakrishna, both hailing from Kasimkota, were arrested at Kannurpalem village of Tallapalem mandal.

They are charged with trying to cheat a gold merchant