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The two women were living alone in an independent house at SBH ColonyWhen one of them opened the door early in the morning to collect water, the thieves rushed in

HYDERABAD: Two aged women were robbed of 12 tolas gold and Rs. 10,000 at knifepoint in their house at Bagh Amberpet in the wee hours of Thursday.

Jnanamba, 82, and her daughter Sarojini, 65, who was suffering from paralysis, were living by themselves in their single-storeyed independent house at SBH Colony. Jnanamba woke up around 3.15 a.m. to collect drinking water. When she opened the door, two persons, armed with a knife and screwdriver, rushed in threatening to kill her if she raised an alarm. The duo ransacked the house and collected the property even as the bed-ridden Sarojini shouted at them.

Alerted by the din, one of the neighbours, Vishwanath, yelled out asking if there was any problem. With a robber holding a knife across her throat, a scared Jnanamba replied there was nothing to worry. The robbers scaled the compound wall and escaped. Another neighbour stopped the robbers and asked them who they were. "But the offenders led him to believe they had come to repair pipes and walked away," the SI explained.

The robbers spoke in Hindi but used some Telugu words, too. The Police suspect the offenders could be from the same locality. A couple of days ago, two teenaged girls joined the house as maids but did not turn up for their work on Thursday.