B. V. S. Bhaskar

People wait for him, braving scorching sun

We want to see what he promises and draw comparison with NTR Jr., says a shopkeeper

Chiranjeevi’s speech is different each day during the past four days

Mandapeta/Rajahmundry: It is tumultuous reception all the way to PRP president Chiranjeevi in wetland areas of East Godavari on penultimate day, Sunday, which PRP cadres not at all expected. Chiranjeevi received rousing welcome and rooftops, trees and two-storied buildings were occupied by youth and women to have glimpse of mega star. He was four hours behind the schedule, but people eagerly waited for him, braving scorching sun in many places.

“We want to hear what he will promise and want to compare with the speech of Junior NTR, who toured this place recently,” said Satyanarayana Chowdary, hardware shop owner in Mandapeta town.

Chiranjeevi’s speech was different each day during his last four days.

He made it a point to raise farmer’s issues on Sunday, as he was touring wetland area, where the number of farmers was more.

He lashed out at Agriculture Minister Raghuveera Reddy, who, he said, was responsible for non-availability of fertilizers on time to farmers and pesticides at affordable prices.

“We can see greenery in some places here. But there is no happiness on the faces of farmers as the investment by farmers increased four times,” he said while people responded huge applause. VVS Chowdary, who is expected to contest as PRP candidate from Mandapeta along with district convener M.S. Chakravarthi, was with Chiranjeevi on his special vehicle.

‘No votes for glamour’

In Anaparti, he made it clear that glamour only did not fetch votes, but response from people showed the strength of the party.

He asked voters to go for mouth publicity which was one of the best sources to get the party to power. He said all parties were now chanting `social justice’ mantra.

He cautioned people that if they gave vote to Congress or TDP they would suffer for five more years. Kovvuri Narsi Reddy, Padala Venktarama Reddy, Relangi Nageswara Rao, Satti Trinatha Reddy, ZPTC Kukkala Naresh and others followed Chiranjeevi in Anaparti.

He was received at Lalacheruvu on Rajahmundry outskirts around 7.30 p.m. which is five hours behind schedule.

His vehicle moved fast on the streets of Rajahmundry and had stopped at many places. Chall Sankar Rao, Bommana Rajkumar, Lieutenant Murthy Jasti and others participated.