Special Correspondent

Arrangements in full swing to meet the rush of pilgrims

Sufficient laddu stocks being ensured to meet the festival demand

VIPs, entourage to be put up at base camp with darshan at an appointed time

TIRUPATI: With barely eleven days to go for the annual Brahmotsavam at Tirumala, the TTD top-brass is seized of putting in place a fool-proof arrangement to meet the pilgrim rush.

The crowd would be around one lakh and odd from the Garuda Seva day after a moderate start with Dhwajarohanam slated for September 21. The whole of Tirumala, particularly the surrounding areas of the temple, is being spruced up to give a facelift to the hill station on this auspicious occasion.

Roads are being widened and galleries provided around the four Mada streets to help pilgrims have a comfortable darshan during the morning and evening processions.

The temple tank has been cleansed and refurbished. The logistics in the temple queues and its massive kitchen—‘potu’ are being improved to take the extra load and meet all the needs of the pilgrims.

Sufficient laddu stocks are being ensured to meet the demand and so also the Kalyana Katta (tonsuring centre) and the Nithya Annadanam canteens would be made to work to their full capacity.

Special officers

Apart from these, as a routine drill ahead of any Brahmothsavam, an interesting feature of this year will be the deployment of about half-a-dozen government officers in the cadre of deputy Collectors at different sensitive spots in Tirumala. This is to lend a helping hand to the TTD officials on duty.

TTD Executive Officer I.Y.R. Krishna Rao said that another experiment which the TTD would be making during the ensuing festival is to make its ‘Srinivasam’ Choultry complex at Tirupati the ‘base camp’ for VIPs arriving here for darshan. He said the VIPs and their entourage would be received and accommodated at the base camp and taken to Tirumala for darshan at the appointed time.

This would avoid clogging up of the VIPs at Tirumala, Mr. Krishna Rao said.

The parking area in the Srinivasam campus was being augmented to meet the VIP rush. TTD Public Relations Officer Ravi was also present at the impromptu media meet.