S. Harpal Singh

ADILABAD: As it coincided with the ongoing struggle for Telangana, the ten day festival of Moharram that culminated on December 28 in Adilabad came laced with ‘separatist’ flavour. Not only did the installation of ‘sawaris’ proliferate this time but the content of celebrations too reflected local people’s desire for Telangana.

A typical sawari is made of several dhattis (cloth offering) hung from the round and wide top of a wooden pole and adorned with sehras (the bridegrooms veil made of paper flowers in this instance). The sawaris, installed for the 10 day period traditionally at designated places like sawari bunglows, represent holy men with whom the festival is connected.

Moharram celebrations at many villages like Ruyyadi, Tamsi, Kapparla and Bandalnagapur, all in Talamadugu mandal, incorporated some changes this year.

Separate Telangana formed the theme of the ‘veshalu’, the popular comic shows, which are part of the Moharram celebrations in the rural areas.

Separate Telangana being the only issue of discussion in the region at this time, it is understandable that the themes of veshalu revolve around this topic only. For the first time, the organisers also roped in the services of local ‘Burra Katha’ artistes to sing in their way songs related with the need for a separate State. Pro-Telangana activists made a beeline to the rural venues.