P. Ram Mohan

No one in village ready to contest on party ticket

Village consists of 5,000 peopleTRS swept the entire mandal in 2001 elections`People angry with KCR's negligence, convenient politics of leaders'

MOTHE (NIZAMABAD): This remote village, which assumed significance in the history of the separatist movement of the Telangana Rashtra Samiti, is eloquent testimony to the declining popularity of the party.

The citadel of the party during the last elections is crumbling with no one from the village coming forward to contest for any post in the elections to the local bodies. There is a total turnaround in the political equations and volte-face in the thinking of the people vis-a-vis the TRS and its leaders.

In the run up to the last elections and to be precise on June 5, 2001, TRS chief K. Chandrasekhar Rao tied a `mudupu' (a knot with a cloth) to a tree with some amount of soil collected from the four corners of the village taking a vow to achieve separate Telangana.

He visited the village only a few days after the formation of his party. He was surprised with the people's admiration for him and his party. The villagers, too, cannot forget the response his visit evoked. However, now they fume at the very thought of Mr. Rao and his party.

In the last elections the entire village stood behind the TRS. It may sound an exaggeration, but it is true that there was not a single person to be fielded in the fray on behalf of the Congress or Telugu Desam Party. Now the situation is exactly the opposite much to the chagrin of TRS and there is no one in the village of 5,000 people to contest from the party in the present elections.


The village sarpanch, Ch. Maheswar Reddy who was with TRS till recently and switched over to Congress says: "Literally no one is sailing with the TRS. No one has come forward to take party B-form to contest either to ZPTC or MPTC post." He attributed this to KCR's negligence and `convenient politics' of leaders.

TDP leader Bangla Narasimha Reddy says the TRS swept the entire mandal in 2001 elections. In the mandal, the Mandal Praja Parishad, ZPTC and all MPTCs and sarpanch posts had gone in favour of the TRS. However, people are angry with KCR not with Telangana, he maintains.