Government Whip Toorpu Jayaprakash Reddy has alleged that the Telangana Rashtra Samiti has been using the suicides of youth for its political benefits. He said that severe criticism against ruling Congress party by the TRS and TJAC would not serve any purpose.

Addressing a meeting after felicitating the recently elected PAC chairmen here on Friday, Mr. Jayaprakash Reddy said that both the TRS and TJAC are targeting the Congress with an eye on the 2014 general elections. “TJAC was formed to act as a frontal organisation of the TRS. The Telangana issue is a sensitive issue and Congress president Sonia Gandhi is expected to take a decision soon,” he said.

The Government Whip also said that the Kiran Kumar Government was not in minority and the recent elections for cooperatives had already proved the popularity of the government. The government is stable and will last its full term,” he said. Meanwhile, Mr. Jayaprakash Reddy attended the court of Judicial First Class Magistrate in a case related to burning of vehicles near Kandi at National Highway in 2010.