Staff Reporter

Victims' wounds were bandaged with clothes

  • Store-owner's wife and her brother escaped with minor injuries
  • Cash or property not stolen from house
  • Freshly cooked rice found in house

    HYDERABAD: Will robbers attack inmates of a house and later wrap clothes around wounds of the latter to prevent bleeding? This and several such improbabilities observed in the triple murder reported on Sunday at Petbasheerabad are pointing the needle of suspicion towards the victim's wife and her brother.

    A grocery store owner P. Rammohan Reddy, his daughter Bhavani, 14, and son Sainath, 7, were found murdered in their two-room house at Weaker Sections Colony. His wife Jyothi and brother-in-law Madhusudhan were lying beside the bodies in semi-conscious state with minor injuries.

    Survivor's claim

    There are no signs of forced entry on the doors. The assailants did not take away cash or any other object either.

    What baffled police is the statement of Madhusudhan that he fell unconscious within seconds of the attackers hitting him on the head on Friday night. "He says he could open his eyes after two days - on Sunday evening- only to find the three persons killed," investigators said on Monday.

    Though Madhusudhan claimed all the family members had dinner late on Friday night before they were attacked, sleuths found freshly cooked rice in the house. Even more surprising were the pieces of torn clothes found wrapped around wounds of the victims apparently to prevent bleeding. "Why would any assailant to do this is another mystery," the police said.

    Child's angle

    The murders committed on Friday came to light on Sunday when neighbours peeped into the house after hearing cries of Jyothi's two-year-old daughter Chinni. How is it the child was quiet for two days though it had no food with her mother and uncle lying unconscious?

    The two murdered children were born to the first wife of Rammohan Reddy. After her death, he married Jyothi, a widow whose first husband reportedly committed suicide. Jyothi and Madhusudhan are undergoing treatment at a private hospital.