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Filmi-style theft committed at watch boutique of star hotel

HYDERABAD: A trickster took away four diamond watches worth Rs. 54 lakh from two employees of a luxury watch shop after luring them to a star hotel, assuring to buy them, the Punjagutta police said on Tuesday.

The filmi-style theft that created a sensation in the city was committed on Monday when a person wearing a blazer walked into the Taj Deccan hotel around 2 p.m.

He went inside ‘Beyond Luxury’, a watch boutique, asking the staff to show him high-range watches.

After examining some of them, he left the place telling the staff that he had checked into Taj Krishna hotel and would call back after some time. Minutes later, he rang up the landline phone of the shop and asked the staff if they could bring the watches to Taj Krishna hotel so that he could pay the money there itself. He told them that he would wait in the lobby.

The shop manager, Masrat, and an assistant, Biru, went to Taj Krishna hotel and met him in the lobby.

“The well-dressed man in his early 30s ensured that the shop staff did not suspect his intentions, by speaking good English,” the Punjagutta police said. Confirming that he was interested in buying the four watches they had brought, the trickster asked Ms. Masrat if there was any discount. While the woman manager walked to a corner of the lobby and began speaking to her superiors about the discount, the trickster collected the watch box and told Biru to come to ‘his room located upstairs’. Biru went to Ms. Masrat to tell her that the ‘customer’ left for his room.

But by the time the two staff members returned to the place where they sat minutes before, the trickster disappeared with the watches. Police are suspecting that at least two persons were involved in the theft. The visuals recorded by the secret cameras in Taj Deccan hotel showed that the trickster entered the hotel along with another person. The second person was not seen in the video footage recorded at Taj Krishna hotel leading the investigators to believe that the trickster came there alone.