Staff Reporter

Accuse Genco of violating G.Os 30, 97

Seek compensation for land taken over for hydel units

Launch relay fast camp at Mothugudem unit

KHAMMAM: Adivasi Samkshema Parishad State president Sondu Veeraiah on Wednesday threatened to launch an agitation against the violation of the G.O. No 30 and G.O. No. 97 by the APGenco in the tribal pockets of Khammam district.

Inaugurating a relay fast camp at the Mothugudem hydel unit of the Genco, he said that the hydel units set up some 50 years ago had deprived the tribal community in the area of their lands.

The displaced families were neither given compensation nor covered under any rehabilitation package. They were not considered even for provision of employment.

The tribal communities could stake claim for the land acquired from them in the area. They were also entitled for consideration for appointment of attendants, watchmen, sweepers and many other posts with similar nature of work. But the Genco authorities had been engaging people from the plains, that too from other districts, in such posts.

Though contract works in the Genco were supposed to be entrusted to the village organisations and women organisations from the tribal pockets, people from the plains were being given priority for such responsibilities. Even the jungle cutting work – a regular exercise around the hydel units – was knocked away by influential non-tribal contractors in contravention of the provisions of G.O. 30. The Genco authorities should realise the injustice meted out to the tribes, he said.

Fair deal sought

They should ensure a fair deal to the local tribes by rectifying the mistakes under a time-bound programme, Otherwise, the tribes would take recourse to agitational methods even while fighting it in the court of law.

He said that the issue was represented to the Commissioner for Tribal welfare and the Sub Collector of Bhadrachalam. Ten tribal activists representing various organisations in Bhadrachalam division took part in the relay fast in the day. The protest would be continued until the government gave a categorical assurance on the issue, he said.