To seek comprehensive law to ensure conducive environment for them to live with dignity

Transgenders, supported by Nandyal-based Samatha Hizra Rights Forum, embarked upon a 300-km long walkathon seeking equal rights for the community in society.

The seven-member team would call on Chief Minister N. Kirankumar Reddy and a few other leaders seeking enactment of a comprehensive law that ensured a conducive environment for transgenders to live with dignity.

The walkathon, which started on June 5, would be rounded off at Hyderabad on June 11.

According to Mr. Vijayakumar, society was not sensitised about the problems of the transgender community. They were leading a life of beggars and shunned in the matter of employment and humiliated.

The transgender community demanded equal rights, freedom to undergo surgical procedure for sex change, recognition of the community as third sex, a State-level corporation for the welfare of transgenders, quota in government jobs, law against depiction of transgender as an object of fun in movies, and orphanages for hizras.