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Reservation office should be intimated in advance

  • Ticket can be transferred 24 hours before train's departure
  • Ticket transfer allowed in respect of five categories

    HYDERABAD: Is transfer of a reserved railway ticket permissible?

    The passenger on whose name the ticket is issued can certainly transfer the reserved ticket to any of his family members with prior intimation to the railway authorities, as per the Passenger (change of names) Rules, 1990.

    However, travel on a ticket issued in the name of another person is an offence under the Railway Act.

    Such a traveller would be deemed to be travelling without ticket entailing the imposition of fine and the travel expenses.

    The original ticket will also be confiscated.

    That the Passenger Rules facilitate the transfer of name on a reserved ticket in respect of five categories, is a little known fact.

    The Ministry of Railways has on Thursday issued a statement listing out the categories in which transfer is allowed.

    Request in writing

    The rules stipulate that the passenger can get the reservation transferred to another member of his family, provided he makes a request to the railway authorities in writing 24 hours before the scheduled departure of the train.

    Such transfer is also permissible in respect of: A Government servant travelling on duty and for transfer the appropriate authority should send in a written request before 24 hours of the train departure for transfer of ticket to another Government servant travelling on duty.

    For students

    In case of students of a recognised educational institution, the head should send in the request before 48 hours of the train departure.

    In case of a marriage party, the head of such a party could seek a transfer and apply before 48 hours of the departure.

    National Cadet Corps cadets (NCC) travelling in groups can also transfer tickets, if the request is made a day before the travel.

    According to a South Central Railway official, such requests for transfer of name should be forwarded to the reservation offices.