HYDERABAD: The South Central Railway has fully/partially cancelled/diverted/regulated many trains on the Vijayawada-Guntur section on September 6 and 7 in view of track modernisation works.

An SCR press release said 14 express and four passenger trains would be fully cancelled on September 6 and 7 respectively. Eight express and two passenger trains would be partially cancelled on the two days, including Guntur-Secunderabad Golkonda Express on September 7.

Among the 22 trains regulated are Bangalore-Bhubaneshwar Prashanti Express (leaving on Sept. 5, 6), Guntur-Visakhapatnam Simhadri Express (leaving on Sept.6), Chennai Egmore-Kakinada Circar Express (leaving on Sept.6), Secunderabad-Howrah Falaknuma Express (leaving on Sept.6), Secunderabad-Bhubaneshwar Visakha Express (leaving on Sept.6), Hyderabad-Narsapur Express, Howrah-Vasco Express, Bhubaneshwar-Bangalore Express, Kakinada-Chennai Egmore Express, Jammu Tawi-Chennai Central Andaman Express, Narsapur-Hyderabad Express, Visakha Express and Falaknuma Express.

Nine trains, including Tirupati-Puri Express, Kakinada-Tirupati Express, are being regulated on September 6.