The five member team of experts, who worked on the highly successful Leadership, Education, Attitude and Develoment (LEAD) training programme for students, proposed to design a similar programme aimed at students of government schools. The team intends to approach the National Skill Development Department of the Union government soon.

LEAD team leader and chairman of National Memory Council, Squadron Leader Jayasimha, said with the concurrence of the Union government, a training module for students of government schools could be developed. He said such a module would incorporate training methods and schedules keeping in view the needs of those students.

The team comprising of chief facilitator Kathiravan M. Pethi, T. Hanumanth Rao, Human Resource expert, M. Satyanarayana Raju, Psychologist and Y.N. Srinivasa Neurobics expert is in Mancherial town in Adilabad district for a four-day training schedule for students of the Krishnaveni Talent School. The students are being subjected to training in a host of subjects that include the aspects that improve the individual's productivity.

“Besides making them knowledgeable, we also intend the students become wise. This is essential for them to tackle different forms of stimuli they will face in the outer World,” said Mr. Srinivasa while talking about the training.

‘Preparing for future'

“We do not prepare the future for students. Instead, we prepare the students for future,” observes Sq. Leader Jayasimha.

School Principal and Director Kasturi Padmacharan has been organising the training programme for the last five years.

He says the impact of the programme can be seen in the achievements of the students.