The City Traffic Police has submitted a comprehensive plan to the government for modernising the traffic lights signalling system, put up and paint road signages as well as devices for better regulation.

At a press conference on Wednesday after the conclusion of the revived city coordination committee inspection, Additional Commissioner (Traffic) C.V. Anand pointed out that the traffic lights signalling system is outdated and needs a total revamp.

Mumbai and Bangalore have gone for successful modernisation of traffic signals and he had paid a visit to Bangalore to study the same. The current lights lack proper wiring, most are conventional lights where visibility is poor, no power back in case of failure and there is no scope for manual operations during VIP movements.

Lack of reflectors

Extensive road markings and signages too are required to an extent of 65,000 sq.mts of road in the twin cities like zebra crossings, lane markings and so on.

Lack of reflectors indicating the curves and obstacles is also responsible for several fatal accidents.

Mr. Anand said that road infrastructure needs a major overhaul revealing that the dividers on flyovers were responsible for more than half of the 494 fatal mishaps last year. Several engineering works and junction improvements are necessary.

Good suggestions are also coming up from the citizens and these are being studied for implementation like change in bus routes and rotaries.

The traffic problem at St. John's has been solved with small such changes. Number of openings on a road too has to be reduced to arrest sudden stoppage of vehicle movement, he said.

The traffic police also needs many more Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and breath analysers besides funds to take up awareness programmes.

Religious structures

There are 650 religious structures scattered all over the twin cities on key thoroughfares and these need to be relocated in consultation with the respective religious heads, he said.

The department has sought Rs. 24.5 crore from the Government to take up various works as part of the 100-day action plan submitted to the Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy.

  • Traffic lights signalling outdated and needs total revamp: C.V. Anand
  • Dividers on flyovers responsible for over half of 494 fatal accidents last year