The city police have imposed traffic restrictions from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., due to the Rachabanda – II programme at NTR Stadium on Saturday.

Kattamaisamma Temple: Traffic coming from Telugu Talli Flyover will not be allowed to take a right turn, and will have to go towards Lower Tankbund.

At Vaartha Lane: Traffic from Kawadiguda and D.B.R. Lane will not be allowed towards Vaartha Lane and will be diverted straight towards Lower Tankbund.

At St. No. 6 Gagan Mahal Road: Traffic from Sadhu Ram Hospital will be diverted near TNRS Vaishnavi Apartments leading to Indira Park towards Himayatnagar St. No. 6.

St. No. 7 Gagan Mahal Road: Traffic coming from Sadhu Ram Hospital will be diverted towards Himayatnagar St. No. 6.

RTC Cross Roads: Traffic from Musheerabad, Chikkadpally and Vidyanagar and proceeding to Indira Park will be diverted at RTC Cross Roads.

At Bakaram Bridge: Traffic coming from Gandhinagar and Go Seva Sadan and proceeding towards NTR Stadium will be diverted at Bakaram Bridge towards Gandhinagar.

St. No. 3 Domalguda: Traffic coming from the bylane Domalguda Street No. 3 near Lakeview Mansion Apartments will be sent back.