The Hyderabad-based organisation, Temple Protection Movement (TPM), which has succeeded in getting the Andhra Pradesh and the Karnataka governments amend the ‘draconian' 30/87 Endowments Legislation' and put in place an independent ‘Dharmika Parishad' to look after the secular and the spiritual administration of the temples and the hereditary rights of the archakas in their respective states, is trying to make forays in to the election-bound Tamil Naidu with a similar agenda.

Convener of the TPM, M.V. Soundararajan, at a press conference here on Saturday, said that the need for a similar amendment and an independent Dharmika Parishad, which is free from interference in any form from the Endowments Department, was imperative to Tamil Naidu as it was from that State that the Endowments Legislation'had actually originated.

He said the government or the endowments department should only be a ‘regulatory body' while the independent Dharmika Parishad, should oversee the affairs of the temples in Tamil Nadu on the lines of what was being done in AP and Karnataka.

M.S. Rangarajan, co-convener of the TPM, said measures would be initiated soon to reach out to the people of Tamil Nadu through its website, blogs, twitters, hand-bills etc to drive its message home.