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Team guarding crash site faces hostile weather and insufficient rations

KURNOOL: The security personnel at the helicopter crash site are facing hostile weather conditions in the Nallamala forest. Heavy rain lashed the forest area on Saturday making life miserable for people passing through and living in the forest. Many streams were in spate.

Following the notification of high power panel by the Director General of Civil Aviation, a 30-men strong contingent was posted at the crash site with a ration for three days.

According to reports, the troops comprising men from Greyhounds, special and civil police wings, were accommodated in three tents.

The site is accessible to trekkers only from Nallakalva, a small village on Atmakur-Velugodu road at the fringe of Gundla Brahmeswaram Wildlife Sanctuary.

After a journey of 5 km from Atmakur, the men heading towards the crash site have to trek a distance of 35 km through dense forest via |Rudrakodu temple. The trekkers encounter several streams and rivulets including a small river known as Galeru.

The river received a flash flood on Saturday due to torrential rain.

Difficult terrain

The aerial distance between the crash site and Nallakalva (western side) is calculated at 13 km and the Bairluty road 7.67 km (northern side).

Though the site is closer to Bairluty, the terrain is almost difficult to travel on foot.

The security men who set out to the crash site in the early hours on Thursday almost lost their way in the forest after crossing Rudrakodu. But they managed to reach the spot on sighting the activity of the rescue helicopters.

The weary security men were said to have requested a group of journalists who visited the spot on Saturday whether food or snacks were available with them.