Special Correspondent

GUNTUR: The People’s Watch Forum has come out with some interesting facts about the useful time spent in winter session of Parliament that concluded on December 22. Total productive hours in Lok Sabha was 106 hours, constituting only 76 per cent of scheduled time. Separate Telangana was one of the major issues discussed in both Houses of Parliament.

Comparatively the productive time in Rajya Sabha was 102 hours, 88 per cent of scheduled time.

Attendance in the Lok Sabha varied between 56 per cent and 75 per cent with an average of 66 per cent for the entire session. Out of the total 440 starred questions admitted in this session in Lok Sabha, only 131 were called in the House. The remaining 309 questions could not be called due to paucity of time.

For 44 called questions, the respective MPs were not present in the House.

Thus, only 87 were orally answered. The situation was similar in Rajya Sabha - of the total 460 admitted questions, only 18 per cent were orally answered. However, 48 per cent of the members in Lok Sabha did not participate in any debate. Of those who spoke, 25 per cent restricted themselves to one or two debates.

Only three per cent of the MPs participated in more than 10 debates. A similar pattern existed in Rajya Sabha.